Jon Huber

I had not planned to start this company until after I retired from law enforcement. But I quickly realized that I needed to get this information out to the public as soon as possible. I decided to start the company while working a full-time law enforcement job. There is a significant need for timely access to defensive driving methods, CPR and first aid protocols, as well as drug-related information.

With the advancement of technology, cars are becoming safer every year. People do not realize how dangerous their driving decisions are and how many lives are lost every day as a result.

Everyone should be trained in CPR and first aid. All of us wish to help, but not all of us know what to do in a potentially life-or-death situation.

My main area of expertise is drug recognition. Educating ourselves about the various drugs that are available and how they impact the people who use them is essential.

It takes less than a second for your life to be changed forever. You can make a significant difference and, perhaps, even save a life by learning this information.


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